Bituminous sheet / Geomembrane

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Bituminous sheet / Geomembrane in Nigeria

Bituminous sheet / Geomembrane

A unique high performance elastomeric bituminous geomembrane, also known as bituminous felt or sheet combines SBS polymer and the highest quality asphalt with puncture resistant polyester reinforcements. 

This special combination dramatically increases performance in key areas such as mechanical properties, cold flexibility, elasticity, and resistance to the elements.

The result is a geomembrane that consistently maintains its integrity in an ever-changing environment and has proven itself a reliable, practical, and durable liner for concrete and earthen canals, settling basins, embankment stabilization, dams, mine waste containment, waste water storage, reservoirs, and ponds.

It is also suitable for use in potable water storage and hatchery applications.

Bituminous sheet / Geomembrane

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