PVC Water Stop

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PVC Water Stop in Nigeria

PVC Water Stop

PVC waterstop, also called PVC water stop seal or PVC waterstop belt, is manufactured from superior grade polyvinyl chloride resin and various chemical additives by the process of mixing, granulating and extrusion.

It is used to prevent leakage and permeation in construction joint by taking full advantage of polyvinyl chloride resin property of good elastic deformation.

It is highly resistant to corrosion and it has excellent durability. PVC waterstops are mainly used for tunnels, bridges, storage tanks, water and waste water treatment plants, dams, culverts and other places.


  • High flexibility.
  • High elasticity and tensile strength.
  • Low water absorption.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Unaffected by low temperature and water immersion.
  • Bearing high hydrostatic pressure and shocks.
  • Resistant to weather and excellent durability
pvc water stop

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