Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy resin floor coatings and screeds for all applications

Our range of trowel applied epoxy resin flooring screeds is selected for excellent chemical resistance.

Combining this quality with long term durability concrete floors overlaid with epoxy resin screeds can last a life time with little maintenance.

A range of products is shown below
The anti-slip characteristic of an epoxy screed lends itself ideally to fork lift truck trafficking areas in heavy industrial environments such as engineering and processing plants.

The high impact and dynamic load resistance makes such screeds invaluable in workshops, high volume loading bays, quaysides and have found extensive use in the car manufacturing industry.

Whilst epoxy resin flooring is extremely functional it can also be decorative as in the case of self smoothing epoxy floors laid with a high gloss finish. These types of floors provide hygienic surfaces in food preparation areas and clean rooms whilst combining the beneficial characteristics of resin flooring systems.

Concrete floors, resin screeds and covings which have suffered damage can be effectively and economically repaired with high strength, colour matched resin mortars and concretes.


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