Epoxy floor project in an hospital in Ondo state

3D Epoxy Flooring in Nigeria

3D Epoxy Flooring in Nigeria Epoxy is an adhesive, paint, plastic, or other material that is produced as an epoxy polymer. The term “epoxy” is used to describe coatings that are made from two components, i.e. a combination of two different chemicals referred to as “resin.”

3D Epoxy Flooring in Nigeria

Epoxy is chosen for its excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability. When properly cured, epoxy flooring provides good chemical and heat resistance and extremely low shrinkage.

3D Epoxy flooring system is one of the most modern flooring systems. 3D epoxy flooring is a state-of-the-art technology that has been introduced to give flooring an exclusive and unique design. It is attractive and most importantly, it extends the life of the floor. The striking designs and photos make your home look like a paradise. 

3D epoxy floor involves a photo matching the size of the floor stuck to the floor. Ensuring that there are no air pockets while pasting the photo to the floor. It goes without saying that the floor itself should be level and without any undulations.

Epoxy flooring technology is a flooring system used with a combination of resins and hardeners that react chemically to form a rigid plastic material. The resulting material is usually firm, semi-gloss or high-gloss, abrasion resistant and durable. Epoxy bonds are very good for most base layers, such as concrete. 3D epoxy flooring is durable, dust-free and unquestionably cleanable, without cracks or angled corners and is of course highly resistant to chemical attack.

The 3D epoxy flooring installation process involves the laying of a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the desired image. This is then treated with transparent two-component epoxy or polyurethane to give the perfect depth of the image. The level of the protective lacquer is the final step.

One of the most important steps in the installation of 3D epoxy flooring is to ensure that the humidity of the floor is minimal. If a drawing with 3D floor art is chosen, then after drying, it is essential that the primer design is covered and also the contractor must be conscious of footwear, in order not to leave traces or patterns on the surface.

Smell, moisture, and sensitivity are the three main issues encountered when installing epoxy floors and which can be resolved with a quality installation. The smell of epoxy only lasts during the installation process. Epoxy is moisture-resistant unless it gets trapped before installation and can be sensitive if installed incorrectly or during the wrong time of the year. it’s usually best to install epoxy during times of low humidity.

Types of 3d epoxy flooring system

  1. Monochrome floor systems
  2. Single color floor system
  3. Multi color floor system
  4. Metallic single color floor system
  5. Metallic multi color floor system
  6. Chemilion floor system
  7. Fluorescent floor system
  8. Self-leveling floor system.

Advantages of 3D Epoxy Flooring in Nigeria

Visual Effect 

Epoxy 3D floors have fabulous visual effects. In addition to the striking appearance, It can visually solve many problems of the interior of the room due to its unique aesthetic potential. By choosing the right 3D epoxy floor design, color and pattern, with the help of self-leveling epoxy coatings, you can even visually increase room space.


The strong chemical bonds of epoxy floorings make them ideal for high-traffic spaces and facilities with heavy lifting or potentially intensive processes.

Easy Maintenance

3D Epoxy floor has no joints, pores and openings that make 3D flooring completely free of any kind of dirt, dust, water and chemicals. This feature makes 3d floors easy and fast to clean.

High Strength and Longevity – 3D Epoxy Flooring in Nigeria

The 3D epoxy floor is virtually water resistant. When properly installed by professionals, the floor filler maintains its properties for a long time. Color, gloss and smooth surface will not disappear over time and will not fade away. Shoe studs, heavy furniture and dirt will not compromise the reliability and appearance of 3D epoxy flooring.

Fire Resistance

Epoxies do not burn, this is one of the reasons why the varnish used in manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, factories and other places where greater control of fire safety is required.

Disadvantage of 3d epoxy floor

Difficult to install and take time to cure

Professional contractors and equipment are usually needed to install 3D epoxy floors properly. It takes 3 to 5 days, sometimes even longer to be completely healed.

High Cost

Not enough professionals are available on the market, and the demand for spectacular fashion floors is high. Popularity is increasing costs, and the materials themselves are not cheap either. Complicated design will require more work and therefore higher installation costs.

Cold floor

Epoxy 3D floors are as cold as tiles or concrete, so you should consider where best to use them.

3d epoxy flooring material

  1. Coating
  2. Concrete
  3. Resins
  4. Primer
  5. Adhesive
  6. Polyurethane
  7. Tile
  8. Varnish
  9. Phenol formaldehyde resin

3d floor installation

Stage I- Select a 3D floor mural image

First, select a 3D floor mural image that has the 3D floor design you want. It can be a photo or painting which makes a 3D effect and can be achieved using photoshop. 3D flooring pictures must have a high resolution  at least 300 dpi.

Stage II. Changing perspective of 3D floor art images

After the picture is selected, take a photo of the room where you want to install 3D flooring using the right angle to capture the entire room. Apply your favorite 3d floor design image on the floor photo in photoshop or any graphic design software just how you want it in reality but if you don’t know how to design,give it to a graphic designer. If the 3D floor mural file is ready, contact any printing agency.

Stage III. preparing the base layer

The base layer should not be stained of oil, grease, detergent or bitumen on the old concrete base . Clean oil stains from its full depth with milling, grinding or cutting.

Stage IV. Finishing coat

The material most suitable to use in the coverage of the 3D flooring designs for the room is polyurethane varnish PUR Aqua Top (M or SG), because is the most stable and your 3D floor designs will never fade. you should make two layers under the 3D floor mural, each layer takes around 4 hours to dry. Use a special glue to paste the photo on the floor to make a 3D flooring and then use an abrasion-resistant coating layer.

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