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Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Homeowners take measures to ensure the safety of the exterior walls and thereby, protect their homes. The Waterproofing paint for exterior walls in Nigeria of the home protect the interiors and their occupants from elements of nature, such as rain, and may affect the overall health of our homes. Only a damage-free exterior would prevent leakage, paint peeling, dampness, fungus, etc. from entering your home.

To ensure the safety of the exterior wall,you should ensure adequate drainage and slope on the building’s roof to prevent stagnation of water, use lime plaster in place of cement on external walls, use water-proofing solutions while constructing or repairing external walls, paint the exterior wall with waterproof paints.

Exterior walls are exposed to rainwater, high humidity and moisture, which affect the interior walls making the wall become a breeding ground for mould and mildew, causing irreparable damage and water leakage. To prevent this, water-proof the building during initial construction, or choose a wall paint that has superior water resistance.

Water-proofing chemicals are available for many applications such as concrete, plaster, paint, etc.The durability of the building’s exterior determines the type of paint one selects . One should avoid using high-gloss paints for the exteriors. They have high durability and are easier to clean. These finishes further enhance the natural colour of the paint.

Exterior paints have a longer lifespan if the painting is done during the dry and hot season, as the temperature will be enough for the paint to dry properly and the time needed to adhere to the wall will be minimum but painting exterior wall during winter, will result in ‘flaking’ over time, owing to the humidity also, it is recommended not to paint in windy or adverse weather conditions, as the paint may attract dirt, apart from failing to adhere correctly. 

Things to consider when choosing a waterproof paint for exterior walls

  1. Elasticity – this prevents tearing, blistering and flaking
  2. Breathability – It is vital the substrate isn’t strangulated
  3. Crack Bridging – This hold off signs of ageing in all conditions
  4. Anti-Corrosion/Carbonisation. It needs to not let in harmful chlorides
  5. fungal protection
  6. solvent-free 
  7. fast-curing
  8. Consider paints with specially formulated self-priming technology that reduce costs and save time.
  9.  Consider paint that reduces surface temperature and cool interiors
  10.  Consider paints that impart a rich sheen finish and have anti-algal properties, to keep exterior walls fresh for a long period of time.

Types of waterproof paint for exterior walls

Dulux Waterproof – Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Dulux Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Dulux Waterproof Coat is used as a last protective coating which is dirt-resistant and waterproof coat to be applied on interior cement surfaces, tiles and window trims or exterior roofs and wall surfaces. It contains special waterborne acrylic latex, which is highly waterproof, has excellent hardness, alkali- and acid-resistant and abrasion-resistant. It has good permeability to seal holes and gaps for moisture isolation and is also weather-resistant, non-yellowing and low in VOC.

San Marco paintop

Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

It is an external wall Matt emulsion based on acrylic resins and silica components, highly effective in covering and masking imperfections.

The acrylic resin component provides the product with high washability and resistance to the alkaline environment of cement supports and mortars. It is enriched with anti-mould and anti-algae additives that preserves treated surfaces against the formation of mould, algae and moss.


Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Revimca acts both a waterproofing and decorative system that protects building surfaces against the effects of the weather. It is highly resistant to abrasion and wear, detergents, oils and diluted acids or bases, It maintains its mechanical properties over time, without getting harder or brittle,It is weather friendly and hazard free, when applied on surfaces, the water proofer stops all leakage and is also totally washable.

Arreghini Esterno

Arreghini Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Arreghini Esterno is a Water-based paint, waterproof and breathable. It is extremely compatible and has excellent adhesion, filling power and coverage on different types of surfaces. Its quality ensures good protection and colour resistance outdoors.

It is used for decorating and protecting, from atmospheric agents, new structures or structures undergoing maintenance and that have alkaline substrates such as plasters with different compositions. It gives a high coverage, resistant to washing and excellent adhesion

Arreghini water repellent water-based paint

Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

This Water-dilutable paint is water-impermeable and moderately breathable, easy to apply, It is extremely compatible and has excellent adhesion properties, fineness, filling and covering powers on a wide variety of substrates. Its high quality guarantees maximum protection and resistance of the colour in outdoor environments with excellent finishing results. It is ideal for interior applications where it produces a hard, elastic and tough film which is highly resistant to the penetration of stains and dirt and easy to clean with detergents. 

Sanmarco Elastocem

Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

It is a highly washable, anti-algae water-based decorative coating with a flat finish. It is  used to paint exterior cement walls which require an effective anti-carbonation barrier and a high degree of protection against the weather and chemical substances.

The binder is an elastomeric acrylic polymer that gives the product the proper elasticity needed to protect surfaces with hairline cracks or crevices up to 500 μm and to withstand eventual expansion of the substrate.

San marco itala

Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Itala is a highly washable paint based on acrylic resin in aqueous dispersion, permeable to water vapor with high coverage and strong capacity to mask imperfections in the support surface. The ease of application, good flow and drip properties make it highly suitable for roller and brush application.

Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing

Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Rust-Oleum’s esteemed Mathys Murfill offers a waterproofing coating that is 100% waterproof, 400% elastic, colour protection from sunlight in even the darker shades, low odour and minimal VOCs, making it environmentally friendly.

Zinsser WatertiteWaterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Zinsser Watertite has an exceptional ability to stop up to 34psi of water pressure and provide mould and mildew protection. It can be applied to wet or dry surfaces, an unusual and exceptional trait, and boasts a recoating time of four hours.

Remmers MB 2KWaterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls

Waterproofing Paint For Exterior Walls in Nigeria

Remmers waterproof paint provides a thicker coating that can be used on containers and tanks as well as buildings. It can also be used on horizontal surfaces that are not habitations. It has a fast-curing time, can be painted over, and is resistant to frost. It can also be applied by spray.

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